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Curcuma trial pack + 60 additional capsules

  • Better mobility and flexibility of the joints
  • Protection against degradation of the articular cartilage
  • 100% natural food supplement
  • Tested in 12 clinical studies
  • For athletes, older and younger people

✔ 30 Kapseln – 1 Monatspack

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Application areas

The effect of NEM Intense starts after 7 days of usage and increases with time.

  • 7 days

    NEM supports mobility & flexibility and provides the bones and cartilage with micronutrients from the eggshell membrane. First noticeable improvements can be felt.

  • 1st month

    NEM continuously enhances the quality of life and supports mobility & flexibility with daily consumption of one capsule. Significant differences can be noted.

  • 2nd month

    Studies show a lasting supportive effect for NEM. Even beyond 2 months, a continuous improvement in mobility & flexibility can be noted.

  • 3rd month and beyond

    Studies show a positive correlation between the duration of the intake of NEM and the continuous increase in the quality of life through better mobility and flexibility.

Conclusion: NEM is the optimal supplement for the nurturing increase of the quality of life by increasing mobility and flexibility.


The patented production of the ingredient NEM® (NATURAL EGGSHELL MEMBRANE), as well as the finished product NEMIntense® (500 mg NEM + 2mg manganese), has been certified by the cGMP certification by NSF International and the award of the HACCP quality standard for the production, packaging, labelling and storage of food supplements.

In collaboration with physicians and pharmacists, it is our ongoing goal to translate scientifically and clinically sound data into innovative products. In order to be up to date, we continuously comb through the latest information on corresponding indication areas. We design and produce products that simply work.


As a supplier of highly innovative health products, we always pay attention to the quality and origin of the individual raw materials. Only certified suppliers from Europe and USA that meet the highest quality standards are shortlisted and subjected to a rigorous selection process - "SUPPLIER CODE OF CONDUCT"

We have our own certified production facilities. All dietary supplements are produced under the supervision of pharmacists. This ensures that we maintain a consistently high level of quality throughout all stages of production. The subsequent analyses of the finished products are carried out in independent external laboratories.

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